Professional experience

  I am a Java group leader at Tikal. Tikal is a technological house that helps other companies to raise the bar on their applications.
Some of the projects I have done in Tikal are:

Client Projects

Microservice Scale Architect  @ Seculert – 2020

Design and implement scale scraping of data from cloud providers (AWS, Azure…) using technologies of microprofile with quarkus implementation. Design infrastructure for all scrappers using reactive programming. Design infrastructure for storage of data on elastic search. Enhance enrichment of data using Flink.

Behalf / BI Platform Architect – 2019

Design and implement data lake on top of Google cloud storage. Architecture included data lake as a data interface to all R&D projects including different data sources, such as Salesforce, MongoDB, Postgres, and others. Use Google Dataflow for ETL to bring and process data from Salesforce, MongoDB to BiggQuery.

Build warehouse on top of BigQuery using Airflow as orchestrator.

Behalf / Data Architect & Implementer – 2018

Design and implement an ETL pipeline to stream data from Salesforce to Bigquery using apache beam on top of google dataflow. The task included understanding the amounts of data, and the API’s that salesforce supports.  The delta changes need to be transferred every 15-30 minutes across all tables, with configuration options to add tables and columns in the future without code changes. Apache Beam on top of dataflow was chosen as the data pipeline for its abstract SDK for processing data. Google App-Engine was used as the scheduling mechanism, and Google app script as the monitoring dashboard.

Java Architect angel sense startup – 2016

Help a startup to re-architecture a monolithic application to a micro-service platform. This included breaking up an application to multiple services with Kafka as the communication bus. Help redesign application for scale by introducing rx-java in the software tier along with clustering of servers, and Cassandra as a backend database for scaling data. Help introduce more functional style programming using javaslang framework

On the DevOps side, I helped create the Cloud-formation structure on top of AWS for clustering of servers

Java Architect Thomson Reuters – 2015

Build architecture for an application that downloads and parses documents from multiple sources. Support for big load using Spring Boot architecture in the Scala language on top of Akka for concurrency. The application was then packaged in Docker. 

Tech leader on a legacy product written in scala for text NLP analysis. Add framework for streaming data to application Lucene indexes from server databases.

Java Developer Amdocs – 2014

WSF – Dynamic platform for web service creation for customization teams. Supplying tools for customization team using maven archetypes and CLI tools for WSDL generation. Application Server framework based on spring CXF & security.

AMF – Monitoring platform for Amdocs applications. Added support for real-time history streaming via graphite & elastic search. Using zookeeper for configuration & cluster synchronization.

Java Developer FIS – 2013

Support legacy database with spring & hibernate framework. Due to the legacy issue job involved deep diving with hibernate. This included creating smart hibernate filters per stack level. All SOAP support via dozer framework to reduce code duplication. Rest API versioning. Rest API documentation via enunciate. Generate generic framework for the internal protocol using jxpath, javaassit

External References

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