Some of my opensource projects can be found in my git hub – chaimt



Open source projects that I have contributed:


Apache Beam:

Pull requests:

Version 2.10

Version 2.14


Apache Airflow:

Pull requests:



Application written in scala & akka to display the status of the zookeepers ensemble and kafka brokers

My Utilities

Some utility classes that I have written over the years that I have found useful in many projects.



Jewish Day

A android application opened source to display daily times based on gps locations.


Teaching materials

Java Roadmap

Materials for a course on java for non java personnel

RXJava Workshop

Exercises for workshop on RXJava. Each level has the solutions as a separate git brach.  So you can use the master to see all exercises and answers are in each branch. There is a branch “Full Solution” for all exercises and solutions.